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Welcome to the PC Phone Connections Website.

My name is Robert Bamberg, and I am an independent software developer from Revere, Massachusetts, which is just outside of Boston. I'm glad that you were able to find me, and I hope that you'll take a moment to learn more about me, and some of the products that I've developed and released under my corporate identity PC Phone Connections. I'm currently working as a contract software developer for a large hardware/software controls company here in the Boston area. In that role I help support the company's legacy buildings control software system.

While I continue to enjoy working with the different Microsoft technologies (Visual Studio, C/C++, MFC, C#, .NET, ActiveX/COM, and SQL Server) that I use in my current position, I am now looking to move full-time into Android software development. Please take a look at my Android Apps Page. There you will find links to the apps I've released on Google Play. These apps include The Talking Mother Goose nursery rhyme player, and Three 'N Out, the 3-D Pong-Like, Finger Ball Game that is played inside the color customizable Three 'N Out Game Cube Court.

If you or your organization have an Android development project in mind, please consider my services. Although I'm looking to specialize in graphics development using either the OpenGL ES library, or its ported Java implementation, I would be interested in any opportunities in area of Android software development and marketing. This includes Ad development with the Google Web Designer tool, Ad Network integration including Mediation, or other work related to your specific Ad Campaign requirements.

In addition to supporting my own products and downloads, the PC Phone Connections website is now the new home to the companion code for author Chris Sells's book Windows Telephony Programming A Developers Guide to TAPI. This source code had been previously available on my the personal web space I had that was associated with my DSL account at the time. Although I haven't looked at this information in many, years, and I'm not sure how much help I would be if someone had a question, I continue to maintain the code here on the PC Phone Connections website. That codebase is accessible through a link on the TAPI Links Page of the website. You'll also find links to some freeware applications TAPI apps and interfaces I've developed including the EZTapiAPI SDK.

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