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Robert Bamberg, Independent Software Developer

Welcome to the PC Phone Connections Website.

My name is Robert Bamberg and I am an independent software developer from Revere, Massachusetts, which is just outside of Boston in the USA. I have a BS in Mathematics, a MS in Computer Systems Engineering, and over 25 years experience as a software developer. During that time I have programmed in multiple software languages, and worked on multiple Operating Systems (OS). Here you will find some of the software titles that I've developed and released under my corporate identity PC Phone Connections.

As an independent software developer, I'm always interested in collaborating with other developers, and working with business partners on projects that are mutually beneficial. I'm also interested in new ways to distribute my software titles, and in the past have considered selling my Talking Mother Goose application as a stand-alone device. For more information on me and my background as a software developer, please visit my Linked-In Profile. If you'd like to contact me directly, I can be reached by email at robert.bamberg@pcphoneconnections.com.

I apologize if the reason you've come to my website today is because you've been unable to find The Talking Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme Player, or Three 'N Out online. After years of non-functional House and Paid Ad Campaigns, followed by months of frustration working with Google Support, I finally gave up and unpublished my apps from the Google Play Store.

Although I'd like to publish my apps there again, for now I continue to boycott Google Play for their lack of support, and disregard for me as a partner developer and customer. Google's Systems have not worked for me, and their Artificial Intelligence (AI) Support System has been worthless. Although I am hopeful that Google will fix the issues that prevent my Google Play, Google AdMob, Google Ads, and Google AdSense accounts from working together correctly, I'm not optimistic that will happen. For now, or until I've adopted a new Ad Network, I won't be publishing on Google Play. Shame on you Google for not supporting your developers.

For now The Talking Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme Player continues to be available in the Amazon AppStore, and can now also be found on the GetJar Website. Similarly, Three 'N Out is available in the Amazon AppStore, and on the GetJar Website.

Back in the 1990's, while working in the area of computer telephony, I became interested in Microsoft's TAPI API, and their implementation of the Unimodem Telephony Service Provider (TSP) for controlling voice modems. It was during this time that I released the EZTapiAPI SDK. The EZTapiAPI was a software library for devloping Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems on Windows, with a simple voice modem device. As part of that product's release, I also released a free Windows Caller ID app I called the EZCallerId. For more information, please visit the EZCallerId Product Page.

Although EZTapiAPI SDK is currently not available, I hope to re-release this summer as a ShareWare title. Please let me know if this is something you are interested in.

In addition to supporting my own products and downloads, the PC Phone Connections website continues to be home to the companion code for Chris Sells's book Windows Telephony Programming A Developers Guide to TAPI. Although I haven't looked at this information in many years, and may not be able to give much assistance to those having questions, I continue to maintain the code here on my website. For the companion source code to Chris's book, please click on the following link: Windows Telephony Programming Source Code.

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