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Source Code for "Windows Telephony Programming - A Developer's Guide to TAPI", by Chris Sells

You have found the source code for Chris Sells's book Windows Telephony Programming - A Developer's Guide to TAPI.

These source files were last compiled in the following build environment:

  • Operating System: Windows98 Second Edition.
  • Compiler: Microsoft's Visual C++ Studio 6.0, with service packs 1, 2, and 3.
  • Microsoft's Core SDK including TAPI updates (Build 5.1.3590.2, Last Updated Nov. 2001).

All of the examples built successfully for both Debug and Release versions. I did receive one linker warning when rebuilding the WaveTSP example from Chapter 7. The warning was LNK4017: keyword statement not supported for platform. The warning came from the second line in the wavetsp.def file "PROTMODE ; Required by specification (ignored by 32-bit linker)". This according to linker documentation should have been ignored.

To download the latest copies of Chris's code click on the following link: Windows Telephony Programming Source Code. If you have any questions or difficulties rebuilding this code please check the Windows Telephony Programming FAQ page. If you are still having difficulties after checking this FAQ page, you may send your questions to me robert.bamberg@pcphoneconnections.com.

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