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Robert Bamberg, Independent Software Developer

The Talking Mother Goose

The Talking Mother Goose is an on-demand nursery rhyme player application for Android powered smartphones and tablets. The Talking Mother Goose features the nursery rhymes of Mother Goose, the illustrations of Blanche Fisher Wright, and audio recordings from PC Phone Connections.

The Talking Mother Goose was developed as an interactive multi-media application that is sure to entertain and stimulate children of all ages. The application's simple design has an intuitive interface, similar to that of a CD Player.

When rhyme audio is enabled, audio can be heard as rhyme text is typed out to the screen. With the audio feature disabled, the text is output to the screen but no audio is heard.

The Talking Mother Goose is another tool that could help your child become a better reader. In addition to the benefits this application could be to young readers, PC Phone Connections also believes that The Talking Mother Goose could be used as:

  • a tool for those looking to learn english as a second language, and as
  • a memory tool for those recovering from a stroke or some other type of brain injury. (With recognizable favorites like "Humpty Dumpty" and "Jack and Jill", The Talking Mother Goose could be of benefit.)

Privacy Policy: This application requires Internet access only for the purpose of downloading rhyme content from the PC Phone Connections website. This application does not collect or broadcast any information.

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