Appendix F - Debug Mode

The EZTapiAPI Library can be run in two modes, normal operating mode, and special debug mode. Enabling the special debug mode is strongly discouraged. In this operating mode the EZTapiAPI library performs a large number of disk I/O operations, that are un-necessary during normal operation and could affect system performance.

If asked to enable this mode by a support person from PC Phone Connections, you will need to define the following system environment variables: eztapilog, and eztapiloglevel. See the documentation that came with your computer operating system for specific instructions on enabling these variables. The environment variable eztapilog should be set to True, i.e. eztapilog=true. The environment variable eztapiloglevel should be set to one of 3 values: “error”, “warning”, or “info”, i.e. eztapiloglevel=error, eztapiloglevel=warning, or eztapiloglevel=info.

Setting these variables will cause the EZTapiAPI to generate a log file named EZTapiAPI.log. The log file will be created in the directory from which an EZTapiAPI compiled application is run.

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