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We hope you enjoy the EZCallerId Software from PC Phone Connections. BY INSTALLING, COPYING, DOWNLOADING, ACCESSING, OR OTHERWISE USING THE SOFTWARE YOU INDICATE ACCEPTANCE OF the End-User License Agreement for this Software. To view a copy of this agreement, please click on the following link: EZCallerId End-User License Agreement.

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System Requirements
Installing the Software
Running the Software

System Requirements

The EZCallerId Software will run on most Personal Computers (PC) running a Microsoft Windows Operating System, including Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and XP. This PC should be equipped with a Voice Modem that supports Caller Id. An analog phone line should be plugged into the LINE jack of the voice modem. This analog phone line, which is most likely provided to you by your local phone company, must be provisioned with caller id service.

Note for users running the EZCallerId Software under Windows 95: you may need to upgrade your copy of the Unimodem Telephony Service Provider (TSP) from Microsoft Corporation. The original version of the Unimodem TSP software did not include support for caller id. The new driver know as Unimodem V is available for the Windows 95 operating system free from Microsoft on their website. To determine if you need this upgrade, you should do the following:

  1. Using Windows Explorer, locate the file unimdm.tsp in your "Windows\System" directory.
  2. With this file selected right click the mouse and select Properties from the popup menu.
  3. From the Properties dialog box, click on the Version tab to see the file version.
  4. If the file version for your copy of unimdm.tsp is version 4.00.950 or earlier you will need to update this software.
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Installing the EZCallerId Software

  1. Save the self-extracting EZCallerId Download available from PC Phone Connections to a temporary directory on your computer.
  2. Execute the saved executable to unpack the installation files.
  3. Execute the file setup.exe to begin the software installation.
  4. Follow the on-screen installation instructions to complete the install.
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Running the EZCallerId Software

Start Up

Select the Start button from the Windows Taskbar to locate and start the EZCallerId software. When the EZCallerId application first starts, it appears as an icon in the system tray. Moving the mouse cursor over the EZCallerId icon causes the popup message shown in Figure 1. to be displayed. This will help you to identify when the EZCallerId application is running on your system.

EZCallerId System Tray Icon

Figure 1. EZCallerId running minimized as an icon in the System Tray.

Voice Modem

When the EZCallerId application is started it will open the first voice modem it finds installed in the computer system. If no voice modem is found, an error message is displayed to the user and the application exits. The EZCallerId software needs to find a voice modem with caller id support to start correctly. See System Requirements above for more information. The EZCallerId software will monitor the attached phone line for new calls. The EZCallerId dialog window is displayed when a new incoming call is received. If caller id informaiton is available, the window will be updated with the received caller id information. The software will display the name and phone number of the calling party if available, and the computer system time when the call was received.

Double clicking on the EZCallerId icon in the System Tray will also cause the EZCallerId dialog interface window to be displayed. Figure 2. below shows the EZCallerId main application window.

Main EZCallerId Interface Window

Figure 2. Main EZCallerId Interface Window.

Call History Buttons

The buttons in the Call History area can be used to navigate the software and review calls received by the EZCallerId software.

EZCallerId Popup Menu Interface

Figure 3. EZCallerId Popup Menu

(Right mouse click with the cursor over the EZCallerId Icon in the Windows System Tray to display the EZCallerId popup menu. Figure 3. above shows the EZCallerId popup menu that is displayed on right mouse click.)

Exit EZCallerId

To quit the EZCallerId application, right mouse click on the EZCallerId Icon in the Windows System Tray to display the EZCallerId popup menu. Select the Exit option from the popup menu.

EZCallerId Help

To view this help file, right mouse click on the EZCallerId Icon in the Windows System Tray to display the EZCallerId popup menu. Select the Exit option from the popup menu.

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