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Robert Bamberg, Independent Software Developer

EZCallerId Version 2.01

The EZCallerId application was developed as a stand alone executable, built and linked to source code from the EZTapiAPI SDK. You do not need the EZTapiAPI Dynamic Link Library in order to run this application. This application is offered as Freeware for your PC.

This version of the EZCallerId application is an recompile of the version 2.00 code. It was built with the EZTapiAPI SDK, Version 2.01. This version of the application was also correctly linked to the MFC Libraries statically. Version 2.00 was mistakenly compiled with shared MFC libraries, which were not packaged with the EZCallerId release files. This change allows version 2.01 of the application to run on computer systems that do not have required MFC Library files. Lastly, this version of the EZCallerId installation adds a Help folder and file to the EZCallerId Program Group created during product installation.

To learn more about the EZCallerId application and to view the online copy of the EZCallerId HTML Help File, click on the following link: EZCallerId Online-Help. To download your own Freeware copy of the EZCallerId application and supporting files, click the following link: EZCallerId Version 2.01.

Save the self-extracting file to a temporary directory on your computer and then execute the saved executable to begin the installation. This application has been tested under Windows 98, 2000, and XP.

Note: In order for the EZCallerId Application to report caller id information, this service must be provisioned on your phone line and that line must be attached to a Voice Modem capable of Caller Id extraction.

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